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Aside from basic expectations like just being a decent human in general for example or taking initiative, being able to do your homework where needed, we do have a few rules that we expect everyone to follow.
They apply not only to Discord but all DELTAFORCE assets as well as other communities, especially when you act in the name of a DELTAFORCE member.

#1 Discrimination / bigotry of any kind is not allowed.
(including e.g. anti-eastern block / anti USA speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)
This is a zero-tolerance rule.

#2 Talk about foresee-ably volatile topics like politics, religion and sex is to be avoided.

#3 Personal attacks and insults are not allowed.
(including harassment, trolling, flaming, baiting, spam, etc)

#4 Content posted on Discord server (videos, images, text and others) must must be safe for work (sfw). We currently do not have nsfw channels.

#5 We encourage all members of Delta Force to post their content in appropriate channels as long it's relevant to the group, DCS and aviation.

#6 Disputes, including but not limited to those that involve organizations, have no place on this server and are to be kept in direct messages. We believe there is a place for everyone, even if it's not with us (or another squad).

#7 Behavior that is toxic or detrimental towards the game’s community or other members of this Discord is not allowed.
Puns about the state of the game are tolerated due to obvious reasons.

#8 Illegal content is not allowed, including but not limited to software piracy.

Although extremely uncommon - violation of these rules may render you subject to immediate disciplinary action, to include message deletion, warnings, kick, and lastly ban. We will take actions necessary to ensure that this group remains welcoming to all of it's members. We reserve the right to act on any behavior regardless of whether or not it adheres to the rules listed above.

Lastly: If you are frustrated with the squadron you are always welcome to express reasons for that in a constructive, inoffensive manner directly to a trusted leading ranks member including #1 General Rank, #2 Captain Rank or #3 Lieutenant Rank
If you wish to provide feedback on a leadership rank's actions, you may contact another of leads in a private message and provide them with the information relevant to that action and / or incident. It will be investigated and you will be contacted with the results.

Try to be in compliance with the rules especially during multiplayer sessions. Members might be recording footage for their own channels and will thus have to heavily edit / cut if behavior or content is not in compliance with general platform terms. For example Youtube gaming monetization guidelines.