Join Us

We are a casual squadron but always aiming to improve ourselves and have fun with simulation. Please only apply if you do have some dedication and motivation, especially in the long run (as in not intending to stop playing within the coming weeks).


  • Organized and structured squadron while still supporting laid back gaming.
  • Regular DCS missions and events.
  • Wide support of all sorts of modules and periods in missions.
  • Flat hierarchy with fair ranks and opportunities to get involved in advanced roles and tasks.
  • Open minded community - we support players from all around the world!

Currently most wanted
While we're open to everyone we are currently especially looking for these skillsets:

  1. Mission building experience
  2. Dedicated GCI/ATC/LSO (we have LotAtc licenses on our mission server)
  3. Additions to the naval element (F/A-18, F-14 etc.) and also people willing to fly as F-14 RIO

1. Requirements


  • Be at least 16+ years old
  • You're not part of any other DCS squadron
  • Usage of SRS is mandatory
  • Sufficient knowledge of the English language
  • You have to be willing to fly during our co-operative missions at least every few weeks.
  • You will have to fly using SRS for comms and sometimes you'll be required to fly on absolute most realistic settings available in the mission editor e.g wake turbulence, g-force simulation etc. - as for labels we will allow dots if you have bad vision.
  • Lastly a capable PC fit for running DCS open beta without major issues and peripherals is required to take part in worry free online interactions.


  • Willingness to learn and you should already have some experience in flying DCS-aircraft
  • You must be willing to be a member of the group. At best be able to explain what you know about and why you want to join us.
  • Be a decent human of sound moral character, including but not limited to taking initiative and doing your homework where needed, especially in areas that were (de)briefed.
  • Be capable of having fun without that being at the expense of others, especially since we are an international squadron.
  • You must be to agree with and follow the rules as outlined.

If you can agree with the above we'd love to keep you long term.

2. Applying

If you agree with the requirements above:

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Post you want to join #main-hangout by mentioning or direct message one of @staff members, preferably those available online.
  3. Your Discord name will then be prefaced by N. Interview
  4. You will then by contacted via DM for an interview, once that is done successfully for both parties you'll be added as a Trainee to the roster and get the role on Discord
  5. You can then fly in casual events and apply for a checkride which, on completion, will grant you full membership status and you can join the co-operative missions.

Tips for the interview:
Just be yourself, there is no need to play an act.
Present yourself well, be confident, show you're hungry to join and answer questions honestly if asked.
Be awake and intelligent, show you can interact socially and ask if anything is unclear or you want to know more.
Motivation, dedication and humor goes a long way. Also feel free to bring up points where you believe we can improve. We're always eager to hear feedback in all stations of the process.

Most importantly find out if you're a good fit for the squadron and if it meets your expectations.

Sidenote: no need for sir or other forms of rank based / formal salutations - we don't roll like that.

3. Joining / Trainee Program

As a trainee your task at hand is to prepare for the checkride and be able to complete it successfully. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear or if you require assistance.

Don't worry, the scope of the checkride is outlined in the SOP section for the onboarding and should give you pointers on what to expect.

In case you believe you are not ready for the task ahead just ask - we are happy to guide you in the right direction although some home work might be required on your end.