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We are a group of fun and mature people focused on playing DCS.

When flying the tag we use is [Delta-R] PLAYERNAME, indicating our squadron and rank, corresponding to our team roster - along with the name/callsign of course.

Our text logo is DELTAFORCE. The graphical logo is in the iconic shape of a delta wing airframe. Check out DELTAFORCE branding for more details.

The main content we aim to provide is weekly “Co-Operations”. Missions with full briefing, debriefing and TacView at two timezone based events on every weekend -
along with community missions, trainings and unscheduled flying.


DELTAFORCE was founded on 20 October, 2017, as a group flying the M-2000c.
A few months after we transitioned into flying a variety of airframes and quickly grew in size and scope.
We are now composed of awesome people from many nations and timezones. Check out the DELTAFORCE team roster for details.


DELTAFORCE is not just another NATOPS squadron. At our core, we stand for casual but immersive and mission oriented PvE gameplay.

We've set a baseline to join and fly with us as laid out by the DELTAFORCE standard operating procedures (SOP).
We aim to establish it by using a tried onboarding process, including requirements to join us and having a checkride in place. We will also be assisting members on demand and aim to debrief after missions.
Still, going for a fun, friendly and open atmosphere without drama is very important to us.

As of now we don't run regular mandatory PvP trainings, host public PvP servers or focus on PvP events.
However, individual members still take part in PvP on public servers and train among each other. We also run optional PvP activities from time to time and everyone, as a member, is free to organize and announce such activities whenever they have an interest in it.

Our content is streamer friendly and is also aimed to be SFW (safe for work).
While casual at heart we still adopt professional tools (like TacView, LotATC and SRS) and procedures as laid out in the SOP mentioned above. The use of our official skins, where available, is required.
Furthermore we promote use of basic brevity compromising between game aspects and real procedures as well as spanning all eras available in DCS.

Join Us

If you're willing to join DELTAFORCE check out the join us page for requirements, the application and joining process.


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DELTAFORCE official media channels
WWW DELTAFORCE website Credit @everyone contributing; Responsible: Madfish
Instagram Instagram Credit Metal
Facebook Facebook (Closed Group) Credit Murdock
Reddit Reddit Credit Camel
Youtube Youtube Official Credit Murdock
Discord Discord (public invite link - only use for people willing to join)


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