At DELTAFORCE we use SRS for comms during many of our sessions.
It is imperative to make sure comms are working.

If you're a moving media learner you can refer to this quick guide made by Lascar. Although on an older version of SRS it still mentions the main points

Alternatively follow this written guide here:

Download Source

The most

Installation and set-up

Installing SRS is done in a few short steps:

  1. Download the latest release from github here:
    Refer to this image if you can't find the download location on the page.
  2. Unpack or just open the *.zip
  3. Run the “Installer.exe” and verify the installation destination as well if it picked up the correct location of your saved games folder, confirm the installation.
  4. Open the folder you installed it into and run the SR-ClientRadio.exe; configure at the minimum:
    • in the controls tab create button binds for the “Radio 1” and 2
    • in the settings tab and there under CONTROLS / COCKPIT INTEGRATION
      • Enable “Radio Switch works as Push To Talk (PTT)
      • Enable “ALWAYS allow SRS Hotkeys”
      • Increase “Push to Talk Release Delay (ms)
  5. Start the game, connect to our training server and test if your SRS works correctly using the SRS testing frequencies

Connecting to servers

Usually the server you're connecting to will prompt you to auto-connect.

Refer to the page with information on our servers for the IP to connect to SRS if you want or need to do it manually or add it as a favorite.


Reboots DAILY AT 0400 zulu time / (04:00am UTC - no daylight savings)
If unclear about zulu learn more in the zulu guide

SRS test frequencies are available - make sure to use them for checkups!

DCS Training Server(s)
EU Training Server 1: // Password: delta
EU Training Server 2 (Severe Weather Conditions): // Password: delta

Admin(s): Madfish, Buttercookie
Operator(s): Volpi, Murdock, Seance

DCS Mission Server(s)

Mission servers run missions on demand. Access can be requested by any DELTAFORCE member - message @Staff on Discord.

EU Mission Server 1: // Password: delta

EU Mission Server 2: // Password: delta

Admin(s): Madfish, ButterCookie
Operator(s): Cyber, Wolfman, Seance, SirGus, Murdock

SRS Server
EU SRS Server: // EAM passwords on demand

SRS test frequencies are available on the default frequencies of: 247.200 & **120.300 Mhz

Tacview *.acmi download

After flying you can download the Tacview sessions for missions and trainings from us.

Note: mission tacviews get written once the server is being stopped. The are kept for 2 weeks.
Training session recordings are written once you disconnected as a client.

Download here:

SRS Server

EU SRS Server: // EAM passwords on demand

SRS test frequencies are available on the default frequencies of: 247.200 & **120.300 Mhz

If you need more details please refer to this official guide on the SRS website.

Optional setting considerations


Our typically used SRS Server settings

These settings are what we usually apply on our servers and thus affect the experience for the client. They are as follows.

Note: settings are not always fixed and can be changed on demand from mission organizers.