Guide: Raid-Helper Signup

Event Announcements

All DeltaForce events are announced in the DCS-Events channel.

DCS-Events Channel

The official-events channel will announce events which are endorsed by the DeltaForce squadron which are “Weekly Missions”, and “Training Missions”, where attending such events will contribute to your activity within the squadron.

Example of an announced event:
Example of an Event

In order to use the bot, you must ensure that you enable the allow whisper discord settings, as the bot will direct message you to choose various configuration settings. These can be enabled using the following steps:

1) Right click on the discord server icon.
Discord Server Icon

2) Click on the “Privacy Settings” option.
Discord Privacy Settings Option

3) Ensure that the “Allow direct messages from server members” option is enabled.
Enabled Direct Messages

Signing up for an Event

Signing up to an event is very simple, and requires very few steps:
1) Find the announced event you wish to sign up for.
Announced Event

2) Underneath the event details, you will find the reaction emotes which defines a class you wish sign up as and click on the emote you wish to sign up as.
Reaction Emotes

3) Once you select a class, the bot will direct message with the list of air-frames available for that specific chosen class. Enter the number number corresponding to the air-frame of your choice and press enter.
Choices for Air-Frames

4) The bot will confirm that you have signed up for the event and will display your choice in the event details.
Confirmed Signup

Event Reminders

The Raid Helper bot can send a reminder notification based on your personal configuration set up. There are two ways to configure the reminder notification and both can be used in conjunction to each other; these are as follows:

Configuration of the inbuilt bot reminder system

1) In the main hangout channel, type in the !reminder command. The bot will direct message you the following options:
Reminder Direct Message

2) From the reaction emote options, click on the time configuration of your choice.
Select a Reminder Timer

3) Click on the “Yes” emote to enable the option.
Apply Reminder Settings

You can change the reminder settings at any time you wish by following the above 3 steps.

Configuration Google Calendar reminder

1) Find the announced event you wish to create a reminder for, and click on it's date. The following window should pop up on the screen:
Google Calendar Redirection

2) Click on the “Yep!” button and it it will take you to the google calendar configuration. Set up the google calendar reminder settings to your preference and click on the save button next to the title of event.
Google Calendar Settings