Guide: Raid-Helper Event Creation


The main purpose of the raid-helper bot is to simplify the process of creating and tracking attendance of an event. As of current, there is only one event template which can be used which is the Weekly Mission event template.

Use Cases

Weekly Mission Template

This template is to be used when a weekly mission is set up by a DeltaForce mission organiser. This is the most complex type of template and requires the squadron members to register their role of choice and their preferred airframe.

!create [template: 17] [title: Title Here] [description: Description Here] [date: dd-mmm-yyyy] [time: HH:MM] [channel: delta-force-events] [mentions: @everyone]

Community Event Template

This template can be used to post a quick event with just a Yes / Maybe / No option.

!create [template: 0] [title: Title Here] [description: Description Here] [date: dd-mmm-yyyy] [time: HH:MM] [channel: delta-force-events] [mentions: @everyone]

Properties Explained

!create - This is the actual main command which creates the event.

[template: 17] - Defines which pre-configured custom template to create the event on by specifying the template ID.

[title: Title Here] - Defines the title of the event.

[description: Description Here] - Defines the description of the event.

[date: dd-mmm-yyyy] - Defines when the event is going to take place.

[time: HH:MM] - Defines the time that the event will take place. Time must be provided in GMT or UTC and in 24 hour format.

[channel: delta-force-events] - Defines the Discord channel that the accountment and sign-up will be broadcast in.

[mentions: @everyone] - Defines who will receive a notification on Discord.

Working Examples

Example 1
!create [template: 17]
 [title: Vanguard Campaign - Operation Catalyst [Turn 2]]
 [description: Syria is currently under siege and NATO requested DELTA**FORCE** to 
assist Syria with the matter. Intel is very limited and for this reason 
DELTA**FORCE** has sent a carrier group into the region to gather more intel, 
assess the situation and ferry equipment, material and land based airframes to support.

More information will be provided during the briefing.]
 [date: 26-apr-2021]
 [time: 10:00]
 [channel: delta-force-events]
 [mentions: @everyone]
Example 2
!create [template: 17]
 [title: Long Range Flight and Support Mission]
 [description: A custom designed mission to escort and provide air cover for 2 flights of A-10Cs]
 [date: 01-may-2021]
 [time: 20:00]
 [channel: delta-force-events]
 [mentions: @everyone]
Example 3
!create [template: 17]
 [title: 9-Line Training]
 [description: A practical training mission as a follow-up on the 9-Line theory class.]
 [date: 21-sep-2021]
 [time: 10:00]
 [channel: delta-force-events]
 [mentions: @AttackSchool]
Example 4
!create [template: 18]
 [title: Raiding Public Servers!]
 [description: Get your fangs out! We're hunting big game on Volpi's Public Server!]
 [date: 22-dec-2021] [time: 20:00]
 [channel: delta-force-events]
 [mentions: @everyone]