Liberation Dynamic campaign for DCS World

What is Liberation?

Liberation is a standalone program, which lets you create DCS missions as part of an ongoing conflict, where the result influences the state of the battlefield.
It is turn based, where each turn results in a flyable mission, which can be played in single- or co-op multiplayer.


The most notable downsides are the heavy reliance on the (poor) AI and extremely limited storytelling.
While handcrafted missions will be much better at this the effects can be dampened by adjusting the settings in terms of map size and technology level. Avoiding overlapping high tech SAMs (relative to the era) can help mitigate and keep more options for the AI to keep fighters alive as a threat for example. Keep reading for more tips and info.

Preparation / Requirements

You can download the latest release here:
Before you start, make sure you have access to the mission server’s map file folder. If you don’t, please contact a member from @+ Servercrew on the Discord for help.

How to setup a new multiplayer campaign and plan flights

To learn how to start out, please check out the guide on the official GitHub page:

How to run a Campaign mission on the dedicated mission server

  1. Install and run Liberation on your local machine. Setup the campaign and plan the flights according to the participating players. Keep in mind that newly bought aircraft will arrive on the next turn, and won’t be available for the current flight.
  2. When everything is set up, hit the button “take off”. That will create a mission file in your DCS saved games folder named “liberation_nextturn.miz”.
  3. Start DCS and open the mission in the mission editor and save the mission. This prevents a bug with Liberation/DCS.
  4. Upload the mission named to the mission server and let the server run it.
  5. After the flight find the file “state.json” in the server’s directory “Mission Folder\Liberation\state.json_sync”.
  6. Check that the file’s last date of change, to make sure it has been updated correctly.
    Save a copy to your local drive as it will be overwritten if another Liberation is run on the server (the filename is always the same).
  7. In Liberation click “Manually Submit” button in the “TAKE OFF” popup window and select the just downloaded state.json.
    1. plan the next flight or
    2. save the current mission status to continue another time.

At this point it’s also possible to share the Liberation save file (after the accepted results and beginning a new turn) to have someone else continue where you left off.
For example to share the same campaign and operate across multiple time zones or to share the workload between organizers.

Possible sequences:

  • Store the *.liberation file for your current turn > play the round and store the “state.json” along with that turn to hand over
  • Play the round and accept the results from the “state.json” > save the *.liberation file and share it for preparing the next turn