DELTAFORCE Skin Pack installation Guide

DELTAFORCE skinpack latest Version: 2.1.0
Quick download: Latest (check guide below for instructions)

At DELTAFORCE the official skins are mandatory for taking part in squad missions.
We thus provide you with an two easy ways of setting them up.

1. Manual Install
If you're only going to install the DELTAFORCE skins and nothing else a mod manager isn't required and the manual install is recommended.
2. OvGME
Consider setting up a mod manager if you want to play with multiple mods or want to update the skin pack more easily.

Note that installing this pack will not fail multiplayer server integrity checks - you can still join any server as you normally would.

1. Manual Install

To install skins manually simply download the most recent version here: Latest
Unzip it, then drop the Liveries folder inside of the “DELTAFORCE_SkinPack” folder into this location: “C:\Users\”YOUR_USER“\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\”


  • Depending on your installed version the folder could be called differently like for example just “DCS
  • Replace all files if prompted as you may have outdated versions installed.

2. OvGME

OvGME is a Mod manager to install mods and keep them up to date: Simply install and update our skin pack with the mod manager OvGME, which is widely used by the DCS community.

2a - Install OvGME


  1. Download OvGME (link hosted by DELTAFORCE), install and run it
  2. Create a configuration - in the case of Skins one for
    1. Configuration title:
      Give the profile a descriptive name. Recommendation is “Game - Save Location” - so for example: “DCS - SAVED GAMES”
    2. Configuration root folder:
      Specify “your users” saved games folder (example: “C:\Users\”YOUR_USER“\Saved Games\DCS(.openbeta)\”)
    3. Configuration mods folder: will specify where OvGME will store mods locally as a source to be enabled / disabled.
      We recommend a folder you remember for easy cleanup and manual imports like: “C:\Users\”YOUR_USER“\Documents\OvGME\DCS Saved Games Mods\
      Within that folder OvGME will:
      1. look for mod packages you install manually by moving them there
      2. save mod packages you import via it's import feature
      3. store mod packages it downloads from a configured repository
    4. Custom configuration backup folder: (OPTIONAL)
      This is an optional backup location to where original files will be stored in the case they exist and will be overridden by a mod activation.
      If you don't specify this the backups will go to “C:\ProgramData\OvGME\{random_profile_string}”

2b - Configure the repository and download

  • In the OvGME menu go to: „Mods“ → „Repositories“ → „Configure“
  • Copy and paste the link to the repository .xml file into the URL box.
    Make sure it's HTTP (OvGME doesn't support HTTPS)
    For the DELTAFORCE SkinPack this will be
    Click on „Add“ and „Close“
  • Query
    In the OvGME menu go to: „Mods“ → „Repositories“ → „Query“
  • Download
    Click “Download All” or select a mod and then click “Download Selected”

2c - Activate the mod pack

  • Activate
    Double click the mod or select it and click on “Enable Selected”

2d - Reoccurring: updating the skin pack

Each time an update for a repo is announced the query will need to be triggered again. It will check for an updated version and download it.

  • Query
    In the OvGME menu go to: „Mods“ → „Repositories“ → „Query“
  • Download
    Click “Download All” or select a mod and then click “Download Selected”

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