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Running Operations


At the core of DELTAFORCE we especially value flying the Co-Operations (weekly custom co-op missions).
On top of that running custom community missions as well as trainings within the schools is highly encouraged.

A couple of steps are required to make it a successful event. This guide will provide you with a framework for that.

Note: If you fulfill only a specific role (for example hosting the mission), you can skip the parts not relevant to you.

Checklist / Cheat sheet

Weekly Co-Operations Community Mission Training Event Random Flying
Provide a custom DCS mission file βœ… Required βœ… Required πŸ’› Optional πŸ’› Optional
Provide briefing material βœ… Required πŸ’› Optional βœ… Required πŸ’› Optional
Announce in #main-hangout (or similar) πŸ’› Optional πŸ’› Optional πŸ’› Optional βœ… Required
Announce in #mission-announcements βœ… Required βœ… Required βœ… Required ❌ No
Use sign-up form βœ… Required πŸ’› Optional πŸ’› Optional ❌ No
Track attendance βœ… Required βœ… Required βœ… Required ❌ No
DELTAFORCE Activity Points (beta) Up to :five: Up to :two: Up to :two: ❌ Not available

Creating a DCS mission and requirements

Quick Facts

  1. MAPS: The standard scenery is Caucasus or Persian Gulf.
  2. COALITIONS: Preset Modern (Note: it's recommended to move USAF Agressors to blue to make red airframes available)
  3. MISSION OPTIONS: Use the following mission options link to screenshot as a baseline for DELTAFORCE OPS.
  4. PLAYTIME: Aim for a total of 2 hours time on average including briefing and set up.
    Flying should take most time of around 90 minutes to allow for full startups and closing out on full landings with shutdowns.
    NOTE: Operations CAN fail. Avoid overextending the timeframe if objectives cannot be met as it will wear out pilots.

Airframe specifics and limitations

  • FC3 airframes
    • if spawned on ground for pilots to use do not have the engines running (those need to be shut down to be able to re-fuel / re-arm)
  • F-14B
    • when spawning them on land use β€œAlignment Stored Heading” to prevent the very long manual alignment process
    • Avoid setting more than three (3) standard waypoints (F-14B is capable of up to 7 but they are special types and need to be set separately)
  • M-2000C
  • AV-8B Harrier II
    • Currently, due to a bug, place at least one waypoint
  • F/A-18C
    • Harpoons should not be dropped at an altitude lower than 2500 ft - keep in mind for Altitude limitations

Creating a DCS mission

Important Set-up guides

  • Tankers
  • Carriers
  • FARPS / Helipads
  • SAMs
  • AAA

Announcing OPS

While bigger ops require an announcement, smaller scale ops can also be announced in the #mission-announcements channel on Discord.
Always post a couple of days ahead to make sure people can schedule for the mission.
Use this template to post in the #mission-announcements channel:

Copy this to Discord and fill out
** **
>> >> >> Co-Operation << << <<
:delta: @everyone please fill out, attending or not :delta: 

:calendar_spiral: DATE: YYYY-MM-DD
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1000z (zulu time)

:airplane: AIRFRAMES: All_available
:rocket: LOADOUT: No_restrictions
:globe_with_meridians: LOCATION: Caucasus
Explanations of the data fields

>> >> >> Co-Operation << << << | Type of Mission: 1) Co-Operation, 2) School Class, 3) Community Mission
:delta: @everyone please fill out, attending or not :delta: | Tag @everyone for them to be able to sign up properly

:military_medal: OPERATION: make sure the name is compliant with our rules!
:calendar_spiral: DATE: Use ISO date e.g. 2019-11-05
:alarm_clock: TIME: provide in Zulu(UTC) time e.g. 1000z

:airplane: AIRFRAMES: Mention if ANY restrictions apply
:rocket: LOADOUT: Mention if ANY restrictions apply
:globe_with_meridians: LOCATION: Map theater (e.g. Persian Gulf, Nevada etc.
:newspaper: SIGN UP FORM: provide a link to the sign up form if in use

For elaborate missions it's always encouraged to also post a sign up form. You can find the template ]]here[[

Tracking attendance

At DELTAFORCE we value activity. Attendance for that will be tracked during two stages:

DELTAFORCE Co-Operations (official weekend missions)

During Briefing
2 points (signed up) > if the sign up form was used
1 point (no-show) > if the person signed up but didn't show up, or 1 point if the shows up when not signed up

During Debriefing
3 points (took part) > for everyone who flew the op
4 points (completed) > if players flew the op and stayed til the debrief 4 points will be used

Trainings and misc. missions
for missions by e.g. school leads, trainings and custom community missions

training show 1 Point
midweek mission 1 Point

Points are NOT additive. As in signing up and showing up (2 pts) will not be added up with flying and debrief (4 pts).
Example: If a player completed an official weekend mission which s/he signed up for 4 pts will be given.

A bonus point can only be added for the following deeds:

  • creating / organizing the mission
  • hosting the mission
  • eventually consider streaming

Only one bonus point can be given (e.g. if someone was hosting and streaming s/he still gets +1 point)

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