Creating a DCS Mission

Creating a DCS mission and requirements

Quick Facts

  1. MAPS: The standard scenery is Caucasus or Persian Gulf.
  2. COALITIONS: Preset Modern (Note: it's recommended to move USAF Agressors to blue to make red airframes available)
  3. MISSION OPTIONS: Use the following mission options link to screenshot as a baseline for DELTAFORCE OPS.
  4. PLAYTIME: Aim for a total of 2 hours time on average including briefing and set up.
    Flying should take most time of around 90 minutes to allow for full startups and closing out on full landings with shutdowns.
    NOTE: Operations CAN fail. Avoid overextending the timeframe if objectives cannot be met as it will wear out pilots.

Airframe specifics and limitations

  • FC3 airframes
    • if spawned on ground for pilots to use do not have the engines running (those need to be shut down to be able to re-fuel / re-arm)
  • F-14B
    • when spawning them on land use “Alignment Stored Heading” to prevent the very long manual alignment process
    • Avoid setting more than three (3) standard waypoints (F-14B is capable of up to 7 but they are special types and need to be set separately)
  • M-2000C
  • AV-8B Harrier II
    • Currently, due to a bug, place at least one waypoint
  • F/A-18C
    • Harpoons should not be dropped at an altitude lower than 2500 ft - keep in mind for Altitude limitations

Creating a DCS mission

Important Set-up guides

  • Tankers
  • Carriers
  • FARPS / Helipads
  • SAMs
  • AAA

Mission Essential Tasks (MET)

Try to make sure Mission Essential Tasks (MET) are met. Examples of such tasks are:

  • SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense)
  • Offensive anti-air warfare
  • Expeditionary operations
  • Armed reconnaissance
  • Striking coordination and reconnaissance
  • CAS (Close Air Support)
  • Air Interdiction
  • FAC (Forward Air Controller (Airborne))
  • TAC (Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne))
  • Active air defense

Mission building tools

Mission Generators

  • Single mission:
    BriefingRoom for DCS is a massively improved version of DCS World's own quick mission generator. It shines at creating procedural player centric single missions. For example anti insurgency strike missions suited for helicopter operations.
  • Campaign:
    DCS Liberation is a turn based single-player or co-op dynamic campaign, which allows to fly multiple sorties towards a campaign goal. It is an external program that generates full and complex DCS missions and manage a persistent combat environment.


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