Reboots DAILY AT 0400 zulu time / (04:00am UTC - no daylight savings)
If unclear about zulu learn more in the zulu guide

SRS test frequencies are available - make sure to use them for checkups!

DCS Training Server(s)

EU Training Server 1: // Password: delta
EU Training Server 2 (Severe Weather Conditions): // Password: delta

Admin(s): Madfish, Buttercookie
Operator(s): Volpi, Murdock, Seance

DCS Mission Server(s)

Mission servers run missions on demand. Access can be requested by any DELTAFORCE member - message @Staff on Discord.

EU Mission Server 1: // Password: delta

EU Mission Server 2: // Password: delta

Admin(s): Madfish, ButterCookie
Operator(s): Cyber, Wolfman, Seance, SirGus, Murdock

SRS Server

EU SRS Server: // EAM passwords on demand

SRS test frequencies are available on the default frequencies of: 247.200 & **120.300 Mhz

Tacview *.acmi download

After flying you can download the Tacview sessions for missions and trainings from us.

Note: mission tacviews get written once the server is being stopped. The are kept for 2 weeks.
Training session recordings are written once you disconnected as a client.

Download here: