Guide for the DELTAFORCE usage of logos and art.

Are you looking to implement DELTAFORCE art, logos or similar? You can access our approved logos here FIXME. The preferred logo is shown below.



of DELTAFORCE (team roster) are free to- and actually encouraged to use our logos and art in all of their works (e.g. on Youtube, Twitch etc.). Heavy alterations will still need to be approved by leadership to avoid watering down the appearance of DELTAFORCE.

If you need help or customization please contact Murdock or Madfish for assistance.


Please comply with common practice prior to implementation of the DELTAFORCE logo. Refrain from ripping off, outright stealing or abusing our designs. Feel free to contact us if in doubt or interested in collaborations - we're always open for that!
Also note that we reserve the right to refuse permission to use our logo on a case-by-case basis for content that is inconsistent with our image (for example racism, pornography, extreme violence etc.). Please check with us if you are unsure if your content fits such requirements.

While we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible, please allow a few days for us to handle the request. You must receive actual approval from us before releasing material with custom treatments or altered versions of our designs.

If you find our guide to be unclear, or if you wish to customize our designs please submit materials to be approved via our official Discord FIXME.


Approved Logos

The following are the currently official DELTAFORCE logos. They are transparent and available for bright and dark backgrounds as well as in a transparent, logo shape only, version without text.

For bright backgrounds

For dark backgrounds

No-text logo shape

Discord Server Icon

Custom Discord Emoji

The following are custom emoji / icons we on Discord and on the wiki. They contain the DELTAFORCE logo as well as popular media outlets to highlight messages and content.

Click for download

Camo Pattern